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Where can I get a Lahaina root canal?

There have been numerous advances made in dental technology and procedures over the years. One procedure that has enjoyed tremendous strides is root canal. No longer dreaded by patients, the procedure is routine and typically as comfortable as a dental filling. If you need a Lahaina root canal to save a tooth, consider coming to the office Dodson Brothers Dentistry is the place to come. As skilled and experienced dentist, you can rest assured that you will receive precise and gentle care.

Did you know that close to 15 million root canals are performed every year and that the procedure has an extremely high rate of success? Rather than loosing a tooth due to decay, disease, or trauma, a Lahaina root canal is the most effective way to save a tooth that has been compromised by injury or decay. While your tooth is completely anesthetized, the damaged inner tissues are gently removed and the interior is disinfected. Then the canal is filled with a biocompatible filling to prevent future infections. Following the completion of the procedure the dentist will recommend a dental restoration, often a full dental crown, to strengthen and return full function to the tooth. As a result, you can keep a natural tooth instead losing one.

With a Lahaina root canal, and regular dental care you can maintain the affected tooth for many years to come. At Dodson Brothers Dentistry the health and beauty of your smile are our top priorities and we offer a comprehensive selection of dental services designed to meet the needs of every member of your family. So if you are in need of a root canal or any other procedure, or if you are searching for a dental practice for your family, give us a call today.

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