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Where can I find a 96761 Dental Office?

Are you embarrassed when you smile because of the color of your teeth? Do you put your hand over your mouth when speaking? The 96761 dental office has a quick and easy fix for that – teeth whitening. Not those commercial, over-the-counter products that often don’t deliver as promised, but a professional strength whitening system that gives you a smile several shades lighter and one you’ll be proud to show off to the world. Drs. Matthew and Theodore Dodson can change the appearance of your smile in one session using a professional grade teeth whitening procedure; and the results will amaze you.

Teeth become discolored or stained for a number of reasons. Aging can contribute to tooth discoloration since the enamel tends to thin out, as we grow older. This exposes more of the yellowish underlying dentin, making the teeth appear darker. You want to be careful using commercial whitening kits since some of their ingredients can be abrasive or corrosive on the thinning enamel. Long-term exposure to certain foods, drinks, and even medications can also alter the color and stain the teeth. And, of course, tobacco use is a well-known culprit in staining and discoloring teeth. So if you want to lighten and brighten your smile, come in for a consultation at our 96761 dental office and let us explore which of our effective teeth whitening is best for you.

96761 Dental Office

At Dodson Brothers Dentistry, we also offer the strength of a professional teeth whitening system with the convenience of custom bleaching trays for you to use at home. The difference between our in-office procedure and the take-home system is nominal – the results of the home kit are more gradual and it is often used in conjunction with the in-office whitening to maximize or maintain those results. Either way, you will be pleased at how easy and quickly the teeth whitening procedures available through our 96761 dental office can enhance your smile and boost your smile-confidence.

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