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Emergency dentist in Lahaina

When it comes to the need for urgent dental care, you can depend on the office of Dodson Brothers Dentistry. Our talented dentist is equipped to address an expansive range of dental
issues, with the gentle and precise attention to detail you deserve. From the treatment of
toothaches, to dental injuries, and the foremost restorative solutions for reestablishing your
smile, we’re proud to provide the highest quality of comprehensive care to our patients. If
you’re in need of an emergency dentist in Lahaina, you’ll be in the very best of hands at our
At Dodson Brothers Dentistry, we take dental emergencies very seriously, and will prioritize
your need for care as promptly as possible. From the treatment of dental injuries, toothaches,
jaw pain, infections, chipped, avulsed or impacted teeth, our emergency dentist in Lahaina is
prepared to diagnose and treat a sweeping range of dental conditions. Utilizing the state-of-
the-art in diagnostic imaging technology and technique, your dentist will perform a careful
examination, taking diagnostic films as needed to determine the precise underlying cause of
your oral pain. Frequently, an acute dental injury is the reason for an emergency visit.
Fortunately, with all of the advances in modern dentistry, teeth that are chipped, fractured, or
even knocked out, can often be saved to maintain your natural smile. Not only that, but they
can also be restored with the most seamless, durable and naturally beautiful results. At Dodson
Brothers Dentistry, we offer only the finest quality tooth colored f

Emergency dentist in Lahaina

illings and custom crowns, carefully blended to the shade, shape and proportions most suited to your smile. If you’re seeking an emergency dentist in Lahaina, you can rely on our compassionate dental team. Committed to elevating the standards of care for our patients, our office is an exceptional resource for your every oral healthcare need. If you’re in need of urgent dental care, please call our office at the number below.

Where can I find a Lahaina Emergency Dentist?

Accidents can happen just about anywhere, and always at the worst times. By having the name and number of a skilled and reliable Lahaina emergency dentist, it’s easier to manage dealing with this type of unexpected surprise. At the office of Dodson Brothers Dentistry, our professional team is experienced in all facets of care and is well equipped to address a wide spectrum of urgent dental needs. Welcoming patients of all ages to our office for care, Dodson Brothers Dentistry is an excellent name to have on hand when it comes your family’s dental needs.

Lahaina Emergency Dentist

Whether you’ve got a nagging toothache, have damaged a filling or denture, or have injured one of your teeth, your Lahaina emergency dentist can provide the prompt and diligent care you require. If you are experiencing dental pain of any measure, it’s important to act fast. Left untreated toothaches and other harmful dental conditions can worsen and lead to more serious consequences to your oral health and overall well being. As experienced providers of emergency dental care, we’ll precise diagnose the underlying source of your discomfort and develop a plan of care to get you back on the road to oral health. While many dental emergencies are characterized by discomfort, a broken denture or loosened crown that leaves unsightly gaps in your smile and makes it difficult to smile, speak, or chew can also be distressing. At  Dodson Brothers Dentistry, you can rest assured we’ll do our best to repair or replace your denture or other prosthesis as quickly as possible.

With your care and comfort as our top priorities, your Lahaina emergency dentist provides prompt and reliable care when you need it most. To find out more about our office and the many services that we provide, contact our office.

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Where Can I Find An Emergency 96761 Dentist?

When a dental emergency arises, you want prompt care to relieve the pain. At the Dodson Brothers Dentistry practice, we will prioritize your emergency and treat you as quickly as possible. This 96761 dentist is compassionate and concerned about treating your toothache expeditiously. A toothache can be caused by several factors. There might be extensive decay or an injury that has affected the nerve of the tooth. It can erupt seemingly overnight, or have been festering over a number of days. Whatever the case, immediate care is necessary if you have any chance of saving the tooth.

96761 Dentist

We treat many dental emergencies at the 96761 dentist. Drs. Matthew and Theodore Dodson have had a great deal of experience in this area. But an emergency is not relegated only to toothaches. A chipped tooth, dental abscesses, broken dental fillings, TMJ dysfunction, issues with your wisdom teeth, and lost or broken bridges or dentures all qualify as dental emergencies. If your ability to chew your food or speak clearly due to a dental problem has been compromised, let us take care of you. Regardless of the cause, our warm staff and gifted dentists will evaluate your condition and get you on the road to recovery quickly.

The 96761 dentist stresses the importance of routine dental as a helpful way to avoid potential emergencies such as toothaches. But if you do have a dental problem, sustain an injury or have an oral trauma, it is good to know that competent and reliable care is close at hand. We are a family practice whose mission is to provide gentle, exceptional dental care to all of our valued patients. So whether it is an emergency that brings you to us, or you want to consult on one of our other services give us a call today.


845 Waine’e St #201 
Lahaina, HI 96761 
(808) 212-9478